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Your payment is received and your order is processed. After you have entered the correct PUK code, the number of PUK input attempts allowed is restored, and you'll need a new PIN code. Simply click on the “Make an order” button after proving your phone’s IMEI. We supply Huawei unlock codes for 1,274 Huawei cell phone models. With these amazing Huawei unlock code calculator, you can easily unlock your phone’s SIM. How to enter unlock code on Huawei phone? 2. Sadly in these circumstances Official SIM Unlock cannot remove these additional restrictions, you should contact the original carrier in this scenario. The PIN protection feature varies with carrier. I Forgot My Phone Password - What to Do Now? Step 3: Re-enter the password and click "OK". Unlock your Sony Ericsson device to use on any network. Confirmation of your Huawei unlocking code will be sent to you via email. If the number of PUK input attempts exceeds the limit, your SIM card will be disabled permanently. To unlock your device using this Huawei unlock code calculator, simply perform these easy steps: 1. A PUK code is the PIN Unlocking Key delivered with your SIM card, which is used to unlock your SIM card when you have entered a wrong PIN (PIN1) code … Since you have a Huawei device, simply click on “Huawei” to go to the next step. If you are looking for ways on how to unlock Huawei phone password or how to reset a Huawei phone that is locked, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) will be the best choice for Huawei pin code unlock. Unlock your Nokia device to use on any network. Why is IMEI the best way to unlock my Huawei phone? All rights reserved. If PIN protection is enabled for both SIM cards, you'll have to enter the PINs for both cards respectively each time you power on the phone or replace a SIM card when the phone is powered on. After selecting your device, the website will ask you to provide the IMEI of your phone. If you are looking for ways on how to unlock Huawei phone password or how to reset a Huawei phone that is locked, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) will be the best choice for Huawei pin code unlock. You can change your Huawei phone password by doing the following: Step 1: On the home screen, select Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Set up Screen Lock > Password. DC-Unlocker is another popular choice for a Huawei code calculator. In three simple steps with our unlocking service. Remove any Huawei PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, or face lock. 1. PassFab is a leading password recovery tool developer. How to unlock Huawei phone without passwrod? Though, before proceeding, make sure that you have the IMEI number of your phone with you. Your provider should also give you 4 sets of number: 1st number = Network lock. Select the model of your device that you wish to unlock. You can obtain the IMEI number of your device by simply dialing *#60# from your dial pad. Some carriers can take up to 5 days to unlock your Huawei! Unlock your Samsung device to use on any network. My device hasn’t prompted me for the unlock code. 4. Go to Android Device Manager from your Laptop/PC and log in using Email and Password. Hence, the unlock codes of Algorithm v1, v2, v3 (201) are useless in these devices. This can become a real issue when travelling and being limited by data roaming or trying to sell your Huawei! But what if you have a calculator which could generate the unlock code for you?. Use volume buttons to select ", Top 3 Ways to Unlock Huawei Phone PIN/Password/Pattern. Connect your device and click on the detect button (magnifying glass) for the interface to detect your device. Follow these simple instructions to unlock your phone using DC-Unlocker. Policy, Terms & If you do not know the network that your mobile phone is locked to. The process will take some time, after some time the screen will be changed, and you will be able to see the Boot Menu. It provides a seamless and safe way for you to unlock your Huawei device. Unlock Benefits. The major problem is that you cannot access your phone because you have forgotten your Password/Pin/Pattern. With the help of LockWiper (Android), you can unlock any Huawei phone in under 5 minutes. A PIN code is the Personal Identification Number (PIN1) delivered with your SIM card to better protect your data. 1. Start by downloading DC-Unlocker from and install it on your system. This will completely erase all of your cell phone data including your passcode, and reset it to it's original settings. You can learn how to unlock a Huawei phone password using any of the methods above. Conditions, How to Unlock Huawei Phone without Password [2020 Updated]. For a better user experience, please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or switch to another browser. It will display all the major smartphone companies. If your device does not prompt you for the unlock code then a software download will be provided through our premium service. EE iPhone 6 unlocked. It’s just that easy to unlock the Huawei lock screen. Now you will be asked to enter a new screen password. What do I need to provide to get my Huawei phone unlocked? Earlier, there was no need to spend anything to get bootloader unlock code from Huawei, but now users need to spend up to $60 to get unlock code. That’s it! Step 5: Done! We have presented the best Huawei code calculator in this post to make it easier for you. Now, you can just insert your new SIM and provide the new codes to unlock it. 3. 3. You can simply download it from here by paying a certain amount. 2. You can reset a Huawei phone that is locked without any technical knowledge. Excellent company, if you need your phone unlocking use them, I’d used another company without success, 100% recommend to anyone. The Easiest Method to Reset PIN Android Here, iMyFone LockWiper Android lock screen removal, How to Bypass Samsung Lock Screen - Get Solutions Here, + View all all the comments and join the discussion, Privacy You can stay up to date with the status of your Huawei unlock with our order tracking! How do I unlock my Huawei phone if I don’t know which carrier it is locked to? Once your Huawei mobile phone is unlocked with free mobile phone unlock codes at it will be unlocked safely and permanently. It can be obtained by dialing *#60# from your device. Unlock Huawei phones online quickly and easily with Official Sim Unlock. Start the HUAWEI phone with an unaccepted simcard (unaccepted means from a different network than the one working in... 2. This article guides Huawei smartphone users to unlock Huawei Phone PIN/Password/Pattern. You have learned four different ways to unlock your Huawei phone with these Huawei unlock code calculator options. As soon as you would log in, it will give a prompt, letting you know that you are ready to unlock your device. If your Huawei device has Pattern/PIN/Password lock and you have forgotten the pattern, you can unlock the device by signing into your Google account. EMUI 5.X: Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Secure. It has a highly sophisticated interface that will help you unlock your Huawei device on the go. Oct 24, 2020 • Filed to: Tips for Different Android Models • Proven solutions. Unlock Huawei Phone Online (Huawei Unlock Code) - Official SIM Unlock from is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 348 reviews. Just click on the SECURE DEVICE. Posted on Apr 11, 2019  ( Updated: Oct 14, 2020 ), Copyright © 2020 iMyFone Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved, 4 Best Samsung Lock Screen Removal Solutions, Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock If Forgotten. Lastly, it will ask you to provide your email id and the IMEI number of your phone. The above solution requires Google account, but if you don't have access … When it comes to most of the smartphones, it is a tough task to unlock their SIM and use it with any other network provider. The “Unlock” button would be activated. Tips and tricks for transferring data to new iPhone 12. As soon as you would supply the IMEI number, you will get a unique code to unlock your device. 2. With these three simple steps, you can unlock your Huawei device using this remarkable Huawei unlock code calculator. Download Now. Step 4: Now your screen will be unlocked. Step 3: Select "Wipe data/Factory Reset" option. Locking your Huawei means you have to remain with that carrier, meaning you are stuck with the data, minutes and coverage they can offer.

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