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Riding the F900XR after the F900R on the launch came as something of a surprise; all of the UK journalists had got off the naked roadster saying how it was ‘good if’, and ‘it works but’. It brings together the best of the sports, adventure and touring segments to produce an exciting new motorcycle – in a class which has not seen this kind of model from BMW Motorrad before.” – Andreas Martin, Designer BMW 2020 BMW F900XR and S 1000 XR. Rims finished in midnight black, Granite Grey metallic matt for the fuel tank centre cover and radiator trim along with additional hand protectors and the “Exclusive” inscription on the radiator trim also add high-quality technical accentuations. Fast-forward one year and the new parallel twin has been enlarged once again and slapped into a pair of dynamic new middleweights, the F 900 R and F 900 XR, roadster and sport-adventure bikes again priced as alternatives to BMW’s larger machines. “Motorcycling is only a hobby for me, i.e. There’s also a centre-stand, lowered (or raised) seat and plenty of other options, some of which are available in packs; the online configurator will give you all the choices and their prices. Owners of the same model as Gal’s on Fuelly.com are averaging 55.2mpg – which is a maximum range of 218 miles – but going by the EC-standard claimed fuel consumption figures given by both manufacturers, which are conducted under the same conditions (Yamaha quotes an average of 51mpg, which would give a range of 202mpg), the bikes have a similar potential. The windscreen can also be adjusted in two stages with one hand while riding. The turning light switches on automatically from a banking angle of more than 7° (2020 BMW F900R) or 10°. on Inspiration Friday: Speed Danger Adrenaline & Femmes Fatales! • 2020 BMW F900XR in Adventure Sport look with striking contours and sporty, dynamic fairing. A double disc brake with a diameter of 320 mm in conjunction with 4-piston radial brake calipers on the front wheel ensures superior, stable deceleration. In this version, whose graphic display is based on the S 1000 RR supersports bike, the variety of information, display quality and – last but not least – user-friendliness are unmatched. The former is a naked sport while the latter is an adventure sport tourer. By comparison, the handlebars are 30 mm higher and. The benefits of ABS Pro are increased brake and ride stability together with the excellent deceleration on bends. Precise edges define its aggressive design. 30,184. 913949). The insurance cost of the base variant of BMW F 900 XR in Pune is Rs. The purist, aggressive side of the new 2020 BMW F900R is emphasised by the basic finish Blackstorm metallic with silver rims, fuel tank centre cover and radiator trim in Granite Grey metallic matt, along with a front wheel cover in Midnight Black matt. The arrow navigation is of particular interest to motorcyclists since it enables convenient organisation of day-to-day travel and short trips without the need for additional equipment. In addition to Light White, the new 2020 BMW F900XR offers the two Style variants Style Exclusive in Galvanic Gold metallic and Sport in Racing Red. • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works option for swift assistance in emergency situations. Self-confident, sporty, active, focused on a dynamic experience – this is how fans of the BMW 2020 BMW F900R could be described. The instrument cluster was developed using the existing platform used in other BMW Motorrad models and adapted to suit the 2020 BMW F900R and 2020 BMW F900XR. 2021 Kawasaki and Kawasaki and more Kawasaki Motorcycles. “I tried several, including the R1250GS, the Ténéré 700 and the KTM790 and, having recently changed my mind about the fabulous, but ultimately rather silly Triumph Rocket, was on the verge of signing for a Yamaha Tracer 900GT, which I rode a couple of times and really liked. Only several days in the saddle will really show the XR in its true light, but my sensitive behind found the XR a comfortable place to be – compared to the F900R, which saw me getting achy after an hour or so, the XR was comfortable for the duration. On the new F 900 XR, you can keep hunting these curves without stopping – kilometre for kilometre. In terms of the suspension, too, the new 2020 BMW F900R and 2020 BMW F900XR are based on a completely newly developed concept – as were the GS models of the F series launched in 2018. Thanks to the full assortment of equipment, you are just as well-equipped for sport and travel as you are for the city. OE output reduction: not for commuting, so my riding is mostly half-day trips out into the countryside with the occasional over-night stay.  • TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) 85 mm further back, while the footrests are 45 mm lower and 45 mm further forward. • ABS Pro for even greater safety when braking at an angle as an ex works option. Perfectly readable colour 6.5-inch TFT screen with BMW Motorrad  Connectivity as standard. “In the 2020 BMW F900R and 2020 BMW F900XR, the Adaptive Cornering Light enters the mid-range. This keeps the motorcycle stable and shortens the braking distance. Our bikes had the optional Dynamic Traction Control, which works well in the background – after one section I looked down to find it had been activating on the wet, greasy roads, but I hadn’t realised. Just typical #NeverStopChallenging. New engine drag torque control (MSR) and Shift Assistant Pro as ex works options. 35 kW (48 hp) at 6,500 rpm, 88 Nm at 6,750 rpm $50 OFF parts and accessory orders over $299. If you want the immediacy and relative aggressive nature of the Yamaha, you might not like the way the BMW fuels.

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