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There is a ton of them, choose the suitable one that fits your requirements. Riverbank Computing Also, you can use IntVar instead of BooleanVar and set the value to 0 or 1. So if you use grid, don’t use pack on another component. thank you. You need to work with robots, or some hardware in a spaceship, you will find a Python module for that. To add a label to our previous example, we will create a label using the label class like this: Then we will set its position on the form using the grid function and give it the location like this: Without calling the grid function for the label, it won’t show up. That drives me to do my best. Also, you can specify the width of the widget using the width parameter: You can specify the numbers for the Spinbox instead of using the whole range like this: Here the Spinbox widget only shows these 3 numbers only 3, 8, and 11. for example, if I select radio 1, then select radio 5 or radio 6, radio 1 is de-selected. Tkinter has several strengths. Thanks!! For me is well explained and usefull , thank you very much u helped ya boy taylor do his program. im using list. I am undergoing a research project on Biometric fingerprint attendance system for my department. First, you can get entry text using get function. labels; see the takefocus option). First, we will create a style and set the background color and finally set the created style to the Progressbar. Just replace the showinfo function line from the previous line and run it. So a problem showed up when wanting to use the Notebook widget, and it’s that I had a label at the very top acting as a “title” (the very first example you show), and wanted to add the tabs underneath the title, and it wouldn’t let me, it seems like the moment you use Notebook you need to put things inside (_tkinter.TclError: cannot use geometry manager grid inside . "), file = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) file.add_command(label='Open') file.add_command(label='Exit', command=self.client_exit) menu.add_cascade(label='File', menu=file), edit = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) edit.add_command(label='Show Text', command=self.showTxt) menu.add_cascade(label='Edit', menu=edit), help = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) help.add_command(label='Help Index') help.add_command(label='About Us') menu.add_cascade(label='Help', menu=help), def showTxt(self): text = Label(self, text='Good morning sir!') In this section you will learn basic operations on image like pixel editing, geometric transformations, code optimization, some mathematical tools etc. Let’s try adding more GUI widgets like buttons and see how to handle the button click event. Sounds Cool!! After that, you can capture frame-by-frame. See File Handlers. You can set the Boolean value to false to make it unchecked. kindly tell me about how system will give appropiate name according to document content in python tkinter for e.g in ms.word when we save file it automatically generate name according to document and set it as default kindly tell me, You can set file name using by setting the initialfile initialfile="myfile.txt", Mokhtar Ebrahim can you help me i just start doing a program and then i can’t combine my code in the gui i made in Qtdesigner to python. of all the tutorials I could find, yours was the most direct, to the point, and easiest to follow. I have this code: from tkinter import *, class Window (Frame): def __init__(self, master = None): Frame.__init__(self,master), self.master.title(“Please send help thanks.”), #quitButton = Button(self, text=”Quit”, command=self.client_exit), y=0), menu = Menu(self.master) self.master.config(menu=menu), file = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) file.add_command(label=’Open’) file.add_command(label=’Exit’, command=self.client_exit) menu.add_cascade(label=’File’, menu=file), edit = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) edit.add_command(label=’Show Image’, command=self.showImg) edit.add_command(label=’Show Text’, command=self.showTxt) menu.add_cascade(label=’Edit’, menu=edit), def showImg(self): load =‘A380.jpg’) render = ImageTk.PhotoImage(load), img = Label(self, image=render) img.image = render,y=0), def showTxt (self): text = Label(self, text=’Good morning sir!’) text.pack(), but when I try to add a new code below “menu.add_cascade(label=’Edit’, menu=edit)” with this; help = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) help.add_command(label=’Help Index’) help.add_command(label=’About Us’) menu.add_cascade(label=’Help’, menu=help) It then gives me weird error like; Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 5, in class Window (Frame): File “”, line 35, in Window help = Menu(menu, tearoff=0) NameError: name ‘menu’ is not defined. Thanks for the reply. Tcl/Tk home page. The index starts from zero. I tried to access my laptop in my smartphone, i encode the url to access my sample site in tkinter but the sample window appear in my laptop not in my smart phone, my question is tkinter can run like a web base system? which already has slaves managed by pack). What platform-specific GUI toolkits exist for Python? I assume that you have a little background about Python basics to help you understand what we are doing. I found a way to make a function to do so. Write any code on clicked() function and when you click on the radio button, it should run the clicked() function code. Otherwise open it using There are bindings available for the Qt toolkit (using either PyQt or PySide) and for KDE (PyKDE4). You can also subscribe without commenting. are known to be Python 3-compatible. . the def definition needs to be placed before you refer to it in the rad1 initialization. my code: from tkinter import * import random from tkinter import scrolledtext, game = Tk() game.geometry(“600×300-8-200”) game.title(“Bulls and Cows game”), lb = Label(game, text=”You are going to play Bulls and Cows game”, font=(“Calibri”,10)) lb.grid(row=0, column=0), def startgame(): data.delete(0, END) msg.delete(‘1.0’, END) c1 = random.randint(1, 9) c2 = random.randint(1, 9) while c2 == c1: c2 = random.randint(1, 9) c3 = random.randint(1, 9) while c3 == c2 or c3 == c1: c3 = random.randint(1, 9) c4 = random.randint(1, 9) while c4 == c3 or c4 == c2 or c4 == c1: c4 = random.randint(1, 9) numgess = str(c1)+str(c2)+str(c3)+str(c4) trials = 1, msg.insert(‘1.0’, ‘Find the 4 digit number that I have guessed\n’) msg.insert(‘1.0’, ‘Enter the 4 digit number in the above box:\n’), fr2 = Frame(game) fr2.grid(row=1, column=0), sb = Button(fr2, text=”Start Game”, command=startgame) sb.grid (row=0, column=0), def endgame(): data.delete(0,END) msg.delete(‘1.0’,END), eb = Button(fr2, text=”End Game”, command=endgame) eb.grid(row=0, column=1), fr1 = Frame(game) fr1.grid(row=2, column=0), data = Entry(fr1, width=10) data.grid(row=0, column=1) data.focus(), def entered(): guess = data.get() num = str(guess) while num != numgess: print(numgess, type(numgess)) print(num, type(num)) bulls = 0 cows = 0 for i in range(0, 4): if num[i] == numgess[i]: bulls += 1 for j in range(0, 4): if num[i] != numgess[i] and num[i] == numgess[j]: cows += 1 else: continue, msg.insert(‘1.0’, ‘Your guess {0} is in correct. also, i would like to click on the button, (which is saved as a gif) and then the page will change to another picture (also saved as a gif). Learn to read video, display video and save video. Hope it helps. Here is my code def enableSPNum() : entry5.configure(state = 'normal') def disableSPNum() : entry5.configure(state = 'disabled') def diffEmail() : entry8.configure(state = 'normal') def defaultEmail() : entry8.configure(state = 'disabled') def submitReq() : userID = entry1.get() siteCode = entry2.get().upper() firstName = entry3.get().title() lastName = entry4.get().upper() spNum = entry5.get() vmEnable = select1.get() agentID = entry7.get().lower() eMail = entry8.get(), entry1 = Entry(root) entry1.grid(column = 1, row = 0) label1 = Label(root, text = 'userID : ') label1.grid(column = 0, row = 0, sticky = E), entry2 = Entry(root) entry2.grid(column = 1, row = 1) label2 = Label(root, text = 'Site Code :') label2.grid(column = 0, row = 1, sticky = E), entry3 = Entry(root) entry3.grid(column = 1, row = 2) label3 = Label(root, text = 'First Name :') label3.grid(column = 0, row = 2, sticky = E), entry4 = Entry(root) entry4.grid(column = 1, row = 3) label4 = Label(root, text = 'Last Name :') label4.grid(column = 0, row = 3, sticky = E), label5 = Label(root, text = 'Need Specific Number?

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